10 Horrifying Online Dating Profiles

It’s takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and create a dating profile online with the intention of finding someone you’re compatible with. However, it seems that some people have forgotten the purpose of their profile. Their online presence is just all wrong, likely attracting the attention of more meme creators and […]

Dating site logos

How To Choose The Right Dating Site For You

The online dating scene used to be a lot simpler than it is now. Choosing which online dating service you should use was a piece of cake back in 1995 when was the only one around. Now there are 2,500 online dating services in the US alone, and close to 8,000 available worldwide. Choosing […]


The Busy Man’s Guide to Dating Online

We’re all busy. You might be out there hustling in your career while at the same time trying to get that summer bod, and still try to get your dating life handled. You need something that will take the least amount of time. And bring you the most results so here’s the guide for the […]


Why You’re Afraid to Send That First Message

You got the match and all that’s left is to send that very first message but you feel a little nervous and a bit afraid almost as if you were approaching this girl in real life. You don’t know why but you definitely feel a bit of resistance. Here’s 7 reasons why you can’t get […]


5 Ways Your Dating Profile Picture is Sending the Wrong Message

It has been over a week since you’ve created your new dating profile and there hasn’t been much of a response. Despite your efforts to chat with other members on the site and capture someone’s interest, you still haven’t gone on a first date. Whether all the wrong people are sending you “flirts” or your […]